On her every heartbeat was spent
The flowers and letters he sent
On his lover true
Who did not share view
She moved without clue where she went

Liked it
  • smokychristine on Jul 22, 2012

    Oh, the limerical pain of rejection.

  • Kharla Jolly on Jul 22, 2012

    This is an all too common scenario. The pain of not understanding what went wrong. Really good limerick, thanks again.

  • Jswana on Jul 23, 2012

    Not having closure is the worst feeling from a broken relationship. People really should talk, but sometimes I just don’t think they can. Sad but I guess true. Nice! :)

  • Eiddwen on Jul 23, 2012

    A wonderful post and keep them coming and I will keep on reading and commenting.

  • lauralu on Jul 23, 2012

    Great limerick

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