I would challenge each and every sunrise, if I awoke early enough to see it; hell for a few I have and I wish I hadn’t. Dawn Dreams… not just wet dreams for I dream of love but not just in my heart; for some reason people say that’s wrong.

The sound of your breathing
As you lie beside me dreaming
But enough of your sleeping

Your whispers in the dark
Speaking to my heart
So it is I start

* * *

How I feel
Knowing you’re real
You whisper “Will”

Holding me tighter
And yet my heart feels lighter
It gets brighter

* * *

Opening your eyes
Such is sunrise
Wanting to be alive

And at last I see the light
Farewell, good and gentle night
Imagine such a sight

* * *

This time
Oh to watch you shine
For you to be mine

To speak of eternity
Tell me of you and me
Of what’s meant to be

* * *

They speak of such a day
I’ll give my heart away

I am saved
Two hearts made…

* * *

Under the rising sun
Is it wrong?
My dream of dawn

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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