This is about a note from one friend to another. I’ll just leave it at that.

Dear friend

How I wish you knew

I tried telling everyone

No one got a clue

I wish I could explain

How it all went downhill

But I was losing my faith,

My confidence, and will

I know I would smile

Every time we hung out

But I couldn’t let you see

What I was all about

You are such a good person

I couldn’t rain on your parade

So I just held onto it

Keeping up my charade

But now that I am gone

I want you to hear

Hold onto who you love

Don’t let them disappear

Look after my family

Tell them I’m sorry to go

I want you to be the one

To continue watching them grow

Please go for your goals

Your wishes, and dreams

Don’t let one thing

Tear you at your seams


And if you ever have time

Keep me in your prayer

You are my best friend

I’ll still always be there

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