My First love past away in an accident in 2001, so I thought I would scribble ome of my thoughts down.

Many days have come and gone,

a twisting thorn tide to each one.

A thorn belonging to an ageless rose,

The one I’ve lost, and loved the most.

From the endless captivating smiles,

to the endless road oblivious of miles,

miles that took us different ways.

Far from comfort, lonely strays.

You went to heaven whilst I stay on earth,

to face this hatred where in I lurk.

The hatred of life without you near.

Whilst your memory still lingers here.

Broken hearted fool I am,

without you here alone I stand.

to face this life still loving you,

with no idea as to what I should do.

Should I end this pain I’m in?

Or hope to see you once again.

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