A man caught in his duplicitous ways. He doesn’t end up with what he wants in the end.

You wear deceit like a second skin,
You have no honor from without or within
You lie and you cheat with daily ease
Your fraudulent thoughts hurt don’t you see?
Of course you don’t, you’re just in it for yourself.
Your guilt is put away, gathering dust on a shelf.
Your have no shame,
You think there is more to gain
It’s always about personal satisfaction,
Other people’s feelings are crushed in the action.
I feel pity for you, and the way that you are,
For in this life, you will never go far.
Yvonne Patton

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  • Pride Fishman on Jan 3, 2008

    There is a lot of them nowadays. Nicely written.

    Read my poem ‘Long Ago’ and tell me what you think.

  • Saved on Aug 13, 2009

    I dealt with such a man for three years, not knowing really that he is deceiful man, thanks God, I was saved before it was too late. They are sociopaths.

  • Mark on Nov 28, 2009

    Someone being a decietful liar does not by default mean they are ’sociopath’s. That is actually a very, very rare condition as defined by the DSMV used by any mental health professional.

    Men get away with lieing because they’re trained by poor male examples, and weak mothers, that it’s the best route to get what they want. Men are also trained from birth, through out the world, that rewards will come to them just for being born male.

    But there has been an ongoing challenge to that as feminism has made grounds, not so much in public, but in battling misogyny from the top political seats, through corporate executives, through law etc etc. This is a good fight, but the shifts in social behavior often leaving both men, and women, confused about gender relationships.

    When young males are encouraged in popular music and youth culture to ’slap the ho’ and keep ‘bitches in line’, they are given an outlet and support for hostility otherwise without a focus.

    Two generations of men – from post-Depression to post-WWII – have sent their sons very hypocrtical messages. On one hand, they are told be good men, honest men, good providers, to work hard, to sacrifice and on the other they are told they can also be like James Bond and lead glamorous lives. These two roles – father/husband and adventurer/millionaire – are generaly in opposition against each other.

    What women must do is not ever lower their personal standards simply to get laid or find ‘love’. The single mother must ensure her sons and daughters male role models are not thugs, lazy, or violent. They should encourage their sons and daughters to take control of their own lives and pursue their goals, recognizing those individuals who might lead them astray and avoiding them altogether because most men for hte next couple of generations are going to be redefining themselves and what it means to be a man. So long as it’s defined by violence and sloth, women must take power over their own lives and not anticipate nor wait for someone to rescue them and only partner with men who work as hard as they do towards positive goals and behaviors.

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