Dealing with being Transgendered.

I wake up feeling lost and alone every morningThinking maybe today is the day I’ll become meMaybe I’ll truly smile for the first timeThat never seems to be the outcomeI try my hardest to bear through the struggleThe struggle of school and ignorant peopleIt’s easy to say you don’t care what others thinkBut it’s impossible to mean itThe stares, the name calling, the “jokes”It all tends to get to you after awhileDeep down, where you store your worst fearsWhere you store your inner most painThe place you hide well from othersIt all comes out, all at onceThere’s no stopping it anymore, and it’s too muchToo much for people to take inThey don’t know how to help youBecause I can’t even help myselfIt’s hard to get sympathy, when I’m misunderstoodI know there’s happiness out there somewhereI’m just beginning to wonder if it’ll ever cross my pathIf the lump in my throatAnd the tears down my cheekIf they’ll ever come to an endThat’ll be when I can finally look to a brighter futureAnd not hurt constantly, deep down inside

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