Under the same bliss i miss that poisonous kiss

Not to miss out on the pain of having you but the ambition is to true
under blue skies that fade to black and make me retract my further statements,relent and release placement and put me in your arms
back when you were disarmed and cared ,dared to care back because the lack of contentment is my disposition,so here is my deposition and admission of guilt…it was my fault, the lines default parts of your heart and jump start my art, you have already killed mine before i realized and had a chance to start,loving is a never ending finish line that keeps me chasing the celluloid dreams, seems a never ending puzzle with that last missing piece, cease to exist and finish me off, its time to dream and let the memories stop the math of you and i, subtract me from you and we are still left with you as i sigh and i sleep in the fire,dire and tired i think its time to stop again and go the way of new and forget you and begin anew.

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