Freedom is only as far as you make it.

I want to sail across the seventh sea,
If curiosity was a sickness, I’ve got a disease,
Give me as many nickles as you want, but I’ll never change,
As the world sees me, I’ll always be strange,
I suppose I’d climb that mountain, just to reach the top,
And I suppose I’d fight those feelings, just to make them stop,
However, I find it hard to say that I want it to go,
When I think of her, the time becomes so slow,
I must come to an end of myself before it’s too late,
When the east crosses the west, sure enough it’s fate,
When it comes down to it, the world is our playground,
And I won’t go down, not without a sound,
I’m headin for the beach, I got one goal in mind,
To make this discovery, will be the perfect find,
I’ll pay the trip in sand dollars alone,
Then I’ll purchase that ship, after I take out a loan,
I long to see the world, one day at a time,
As for this riddle, I’ll find the perfect ryhme,
The truth is…two of us make a pair,
So i’ll grab a partner, as long as I can bear,
Pull out your compass, and let’s head north,
We’ll never fall behind as long as we continue going fourth,
We are the salt of the sea, and the color in the sky,
Let’s wrap this knot, around this perfect tie,
Life goes on, you live and you love today,
As far as tomorrow is concerned, only tomorrow can say,

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