A lot of family have separated because of divorce,Enjoy this little piece.

Marriage is something that should

be cherished but, to me, it’s incomplete

without a child, I know you try and

I’m dying inside when I see you cry

you love kids but you are unable to

produce and it’s impossible to pick a fruit

from a tree that can’t bear fruits

I need a family but I can’t have it

with you, so what am I supposed to do?

You say adopt but I disagree with

that because I’m in the prime of my life

Young and fertile, through sickness

and health till death do us part but I make

My vows shirk when I say I want us to part

I always pictured us getting old

together but darling, without a son or daughter

that’s fairytale like Harry Potter,

I know you’re hurt and I’m truly sorry but

I’m nothing without a little one

calling me daddy, I love you and that part of me

will forever remain true

You’ve never lost faith in me no

matter what I did, you are always by my side and

I love you even more for that, I

cried day and night for the decision I make and ask

Myself if leaving you is a mistake;

our marriage suddenly crumbles like the aftershock

of an earthquake

You say I don’t love you because if

I do, unable to have a child wouldn’t be an issue

We been together for six years, a

lot of sweat and tears, loving you and maintaining you

When you’re down and no one

cares, those words filled my eyes

with tears that if I had blinked I would drown myself

We need counselling

Liked it
  • girishpuri on Jul 29, 2012


  • tonyleather on Aug 12, 2012

    Been There and Done that. Know the feeling

  • tash01 on Aug 12, 2012

    A lot of people have been,I just pray that i won’t go through this.

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