Are all the poetry links real? Or are they just scamming for your money? What about all the conventions or publishing? Does poetry really pay, can I achieve actual money for my heart’s expression other than greeting cards? Do people really read poetry anymore? In this following article, I will share my experiences in the world of poetry, after you read it, you decide.

It has been said in many places that many poetry places are scams and not real.  I have personally read that was one of the biggest scams out there.  Yet, I do wonder, is this from those who lost in their competition? I decided to find out for sure and not just listen or read other people’s views as absolute truth.

In 2001 I submitted my choice of poetry and went to their convention in Reno, NV.   I drove to Las Vegas and took an airplane to Reno.  It was a challenge for it was just after the United States closed the airports frm the 9-11 event.  It was the first day that the government had cleared airplanes to be able to take flight.  However, Me and my family finally arrived and I got on the plane.  Finallly, we arrived, my very first time in Reno, NV.  

It was quite the three day experience, on the last day, last meeting, they were calling out 20 winners to win over $50,000.00!  The last price was the grand prize of 25k, I was very relaxed in my seat enjoying watching everyone so excited and hopeful.  It was then they called my name!  I thought, did I hear right?  Did they really call my name??  They did, I won the grand prize of an International poetry contest. 

It was an amazing day, I signed so many autographs my hand was tired.  Several hours later, my family asked, are you going to open your prize?  I said, “oh yes, I was just so thrilled with all the attention, I forgot to open the prize envelope.  I slowly opened it, there was a check from a trustfund of the arts.  I read, twenty five thousand dollars, I had to sit down.  Oh my god, I said, it is really true and tax free being from a trust fund.  I place my hand over my heart and began to cry.  I knew from this moment on,  my life was about to change, four published books would follow and much more. 

Being physically disabled I needed to rest, so I went to my hotel room and slept peacefully for several hours.  When i woke up, I asked my family, was I dreaming or did I really win?  I waited with bated breath for the answer.  Yes, Laura said, you really won, she got the check out and handed me the check to see.  i really won!  Lets call people!

Not many months following in the Harper Magazine an article was written naming me the Queen of Poetry. So, does poetry really pay?  It depends who you ask, however, if you ask me, I would have to say, “yes, definitely, it pays in many ways.”  What was the piece of poetry I won with, I am so glad you asked. 

Choose To Dance
Written by Cathy L Kaiser

A song leaps from my heart at the beginning of each new day,
A song with a melody that never plays a sad song,
Never carries a tune that is wrong, this is just my way…
If I have the choice of sitting this one out, I will choose to dance!
If there is breath of life there is always hope of life,
Love and great things to experience and know!
It is so important if there is love of the heart, to let it show!

Some live a life that never knows real sorrow,
Some face sorrow more than it seems they should.
Some we say, have more than their share,
But still face it as much as they could.
If you have a choice dance, dance, dance!

Even in the face of sorrow, I don’t want to sit this one out,
Even in the face of tears, I don’t want to sit this one out,
I want to choose to dance!
I hope with all my heart, that no matter come what may,
That you will always choose to dance! Dance of the heart, dance of the soul,
Dance with all your might, dance with courage, never letting go.     Oh yes,  Choose to dance!

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