Moral is, Alcohol always wins. For Awhile you feel good make friends, have fun. But as soon as it grips you, it can flip your world upside down. Take my advice and seek help to quit drinking, before you are forced to make a choice. Stay in control, rather staying controlled by your addiction.

Just outside the window,

of this four bedroom house.

All I see is tailights,

between the raindrops falling down.

fragments of photographs,

left in the fireplace.

You have taken all the memories,

and hollowed every space.

A note upon the mantle,

says you won’t be coming back,

says you’ve had enough of waiting,

for me to get on track.

Still I am trying to ignore the words,

watching as you leave.

Hoping you will press the brakes,

turn around, and come back to me.

Though you show no signs of stopping,

I still wait for things to change.

affriad to admit I’ve lost you,

Convinced this time’s the same.

The same as every other time,

you said you’ve had enough,

than you’d come running back to see me,

because without me it’s to tough.

Then I think what if this time is different,

what will I do without?

Then my heart begins to shatter,

and my confidence becomes doubt.

As I finish of this bottle,

and stumble through this place.

I realize my actions,

have gave my fears a face.

Flashbacks begin to flood my mind,

of the things that I have done.

The arguments, and accusations,

Do to bottle one.

The lies and deseption,

do to bottle two,

then bottle three brought anger,

and I raised my hand to you.

Bottle four my ignorance,

of the damage I have done.

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