Acrostic poem.

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Early morning walk outside alone

All the beauty of nature to behold

Rainbow arcing high in the sky

Lightning flashing in the distance

Youngsters playing in the park


Mothers watching from nearby

Outside the sun is now shining

Rainbow promising no more rain

Nature’s beauty is everywhere

Inspiring my creative muse

Notebook and pencil in my hands

Going to write some poetry


Wonderful sights there are to see

All around us is nature’s beauty

Longing to express with my words

Kick back and begin to write


Outside a light breeze is blowing

Unexpected but very soothing

Taking this day to just relax

Sitting beside a bubbling stream

I see squirrels on tree limbs

Deer are drinking fresh water

Everything here feels serene


Adventures to be enjoyed

Loving my morning walks

Only me, myself and I

Nobody else here with me

Everyone at home in bed

Liked it
  • Ashley89 on Aug 1, 2009

    You are on a roll girl!!! Another great poem!!!!

  • Eunice Barbara on Aug 1, 2009

    great indeed

  • ken bultman on Aug 1, 2009

    Great work. I quit–you win.

  • goodselfme on Aug 1, 2009

    A nice story with this poem.

  • Mystify on Aug 1, 2009

    A very lovely poem,the imagery in your wording was fantastic!!

  • rajeev bhargava on Aug 1, 2009

    a truly delightful poem for all the family to enjoy and the rainbow in the photo is MASSIVE. i love it!

  • mdartist on Aug 1, 2009

    This lady stays on a roll!!!! Wonderful poem as usual!

  • Sonia Doreen on Aug 2, 2009

    So well written Darla, I’m speechless..

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