We all must face the trials of life. Their lingering effects should be appreciated not down-trodden, for it is in our last moments of tribulation that we learn and grow. That last moment before the darkness leaves us and we embrace the light is a character-defining moment. Let’s put it in the annals of our memories where it belongs, for hope is not a thing to be cheapened, but a thing to be "up-raised" of character before all others.

In a moment, or an age,
a drip of time across the page

of life relinquishes the grip
of loneliness, but slow.

Thanks be to the inner sage,
and to the keeper of the cage

of time, for he is late to slip
into our hearts, to know.

Th’eleventh hour is come and gone.
The Dark has faded. Now the dawn

is rising in the East of Hope
and lights upon the ways.

Yet where the auburn orb has shone
upon our depths, the veil is drawn;

though winter is a frost to cope
for some good sense he stays.

Liked it
  • Brent on Aug 3, 2011

    Hey cool. Now that’s a good poem! I like it alot.

  • Eunike on Dec 19, 2012

    Beautiful words

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