Example of a dialogue poem between Eragon and Murtagh from the book Eldest.

Old Yet New Acquaintances

Eragon:  Murtagh, you and I used to be friends,

               But then I thought you were dead.

Murtagh:  I was your friend, but then everything changed.

                 Eragon, you were greatly deceived.

Eragon:  How was I deceived?  I thought we were friends and you had my back.

               I scryed you, but everything was black.

Murtagh:  Everything was black because I could not see.

                 I was smuggled through a dark tunnel as I tried to break free.

Eragon:  I understand now, but I thought we were a team.

               Now you are on the opposing side and are an enemy.

Murtagh:  Eragon, it is not what it seems.

                 I was tricked and now am on the other team.

Eragon:  How so were you tricked?

               You were always a smart lad.

Murtagh:  I was tricked by the dark lord Galbatorix himself.

                 He threatened me to take an oath or it would be my death.

Eragon:  I thought you would never join him, no matter what.

               You lied to me Murtagh, and you broke your promise.

Murtagh:  Eragon, one of his dragons hatched for me and I had no choice.

                 He made my dragon and me say an oath in a language in which you cannot lie.

Eragon:  So what? You are just going to kill innocent people for him.

               You should just kill yourself to help save middle earth.

Murtagh:  Eragon, you completely misunderstand Galbatorix.

                 His goal is to renew the dragon riders, not kill them.

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