There are times in life we must strive to stay afloat.

Weakness, a power overcoming in me, being devoured by a presence I cannot see
The instant frozen it always seems to last, then remembered as if forever in the past
Never there when your looking for it and in the way when your done with it
Contrary to even your own belief, the wants you want cause you all the grief

They haunt you as you lie in bed, the things you want to get out of your head
over and over these thoughts repeat, the things you think but never speak
an overflow of the past we cannot change, and yet we dwell within so strange
as you tell yourself to let it go, why even think about it you just don’t know.

A constant pressure that keeps us down, the source of which cannot be found
an inner peace of sleep disturbed again, the finality of a war being lost within
and when we seek we lose our way to disturbing thoughts we cant convey
to any others on which we rely, as our inner peace continues to die

The drowning gives way to breath, amazing escape from the jaws of death
we get so high off the feeling inside, a wondrous pleasure impossible to hide
A special feeling we cant compare to any other feeling we try to share
The darkness lifts and we keep on going, looking forward but never knowing

As we carry over from day to day, never quite knowing we are on our way
We face some fears, keep on coping, but when its worst we keep on hoping
the drive inside that carries us through, makes each emotion seem like new
even when it feels that life is over, we realise that fate takes over…




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  • ceegirl on Feb 15, 2010

    good poet

  • singming12 on Feb 15, 2010


  • sambhafusia on Feb 16, 2010

    excellent share…interesting stuff, well written……

  • J.L. Eck on Feb 18, 2010

    Well said and with interesting timing. I Like the dark and the light pulsing back and forth within…

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