A narrative about the need for balance in human endeavour.


By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Empowerment is a drug best taken in moderation,

its exhilaration a double-edged blade.

Attainment infers advancement, a higher level,

yet attainment can be the end of learning.

Being empowered can offer a false sense of attainment,

a self-confidence that can become arrogance.

Arrogance is the blindness of power,

the sacrifice of balance.

Without balance there can be no right action,

only the bolstering of arrogant intent.

The absence of right action creates strife,

the double-edged repercussions of empowerment.

We search for empowerment, a stronger stance,

yet without the strength of character to control it,

we are mere pawns to our self-effacing greed,

our delusions of grandeur.

Humanity is but a pendulum,

that swings to extremes until harsh lessons are learned.

Then, our movement centres to balance,

and we can assess our path and realise our folly.

Thank God for our capacity to learn.

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