A little rap I wrote after listening to beats for a couple hours and playing call of duty zombies.

Even if i die ima still be alive 
Even if i die ima still be alive 
Eatin yo soul from tha inside out 
So telll me what you thinkin now 
Ima murda ya 
Murda ya 
Devour yo soul 
Eat yo ass whole 
No i aint a cannibal 
Im justa animal 
Serchin for my way oooooout 
Now come on i wanna hear you shout 
Scream in pain 
Take yo last breath 
You aint neva comin back again 
So how you feelin 
Bet ya thought i was sane 
But here i come at ya again 
Im supossed ta be dead 
Supposed ta be dead 
But my brains zombified 
So as long as i eat ya ima stay alive 
Feedin on you an yo whole crew 
So come on an shoot me in tha head 
I dare ya to 
Cuz if u dont ima still gon come at you 
Come at you 
Come at you 
Ima come at you 

Tick tock on tha clock 
Gettin close ta midnight now 
Im comin to yo house 
Gon take yo family 
Just like a meal at mcdonalds 
I wanna a combo 
Mom popses to 
Aint nothin you can do 
Cuz im hungry 
And its yo soul im cravin 
So sorry ta ruin yo night 
You shoulda left 
On tha very first flight 
You had yo chance 
Now its with me you gotta make yo plans 
Grab a bible 
Grab a stake 
Grab everything you can take 
No this aint a nightmare 
Yes im really right there 
So grab yo gun 
Grab yo knife 
Grab yo daughter an yo wife 
Cuz this little battles gon be a big fight 

Shoot me in tha head 
I might wind up dead 
Wind up dead 
But liek freddy crooger 
Illl be back 
Ta haunt you 
In you dreams 
Aint no where you can hide 
From my attack 
So just come to me 
Aitn no use in runnin 
You’d be betta off if u was gunnin 

Liked it
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