A life ends for no good reason, and without remedy!


I go now through portals of perdition,

Have life ended from mortal condition,

My heinous crimes and my low pedigree,

Have not all been manifested to me,

The hour approaches – the bells do toll,

Sadly, death is here – and waits on the knoll,

Biding its time as reapers do harvest,

Taking all the sentenced – even the best,

I never answered in court for my crimes,

Sadly, I’m just a victim of these times,

I’m led slowly to the scene of my death,

My mother lays back and they take my breath,

Removing my body from mother’s womb,

I am pitted into a common tomb,

Roe versus Wade has taken so many,

My rights – none! – I don’t share with her any,

Many millions of ghosts have walked through here,

Nations of humanity should show fear,

A posterity, lost to this high crime,

Has the selfish to thank for their decline,

Oh, spare the little ones this horrid fate!

Let this be the end of this beastly date!

PTR February 23, 2012

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