To every right, there must be a wrong.

Once again I have returned, I bear bad news,
Life’s a game that you’ll always lose,
From birth you were destined to fail,
Like that of a train, you fell off the rail,
Life is not going to work for you, just give up while your behind,
Cock the trigger, release…and free your mind,
Your existance makes me sick, I can’t bear to see the mirror,
I bet if she screamed…nobody would hear her,
There is a ghost lurking the dark,
It’s been her awhile, it’s left it’s mark,
These walls are closing in, this time it’s for real,
Just load the gun and seal the deal,
Life is not worth living if you aren’t happy,
Your bleeding like a tree…very sappy,
The world is dull, you’ve lost grip on what’s true,
The time is up, you know what you must do,
The lights are twinkling bright in my eyes,
Everything you thought you knew we’re lies,
I can hear the siriens approaching…they’re coming to collect you,
And once they get here, they can take you too,
Fear, pain, and corruption conquer my soul,
It’s almost as i can feel it in my heart, a dark black hole,
I don’t know what I am, but I know what I’m not,
Failure is easy, that’s one thing life has taught,
I feel as if my soul is gone,
Like the sun, when the time is dawn,
There it goes, wave it goodbye,
The darkness comes, and the light begins to die,
Before you know it, it’s pitch black and you can’t see a thing,
And all you hear is a distant ring,
Tormented demons lurk my room,
They come for my soul, to put it in my tomb,
Insomnia has robbed me from the pit of my soul,
I think this life has taken it’s toll,
Of course I’d never actually commit murder on myself that’d be far too simple…
You see living alone, you die slowly each day,
What’s worst than that? Some people say torture is wrong,
But we all do it, everyday we live.

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