This is an explication that I did for my AP World Literature Class. I had trouble finding any real explication of this poem online, so I decided to put this up. Feel free to use this explication for a research source,or if you want to you could just copy and paste the whole thing and use that(it comes out to a little over six pages using 12, Times New Roman). Hope this helps, please leave comments if you think I left something important out or if you have any questions that I left unanswered.

This first stanza of the poem is talking about the speaker sitting by the bush, mentioned in the title, and he is holding his hand in the sunlight. He is sitting there because he doesn’t really know what to believe so he can’t do anything else besides just sitting there. He can’t get much of the sun’s light on his hands and the rays of sunshine don’t leave any lasting impressions on his hands. They don’t leave anything that he can see or use as physical evidence that he was touched by the sun. He is only left with his own belief that he did hold his hands in the sun, he can’t appeal to anything else but his own memory of seeing the sun touch his hands. This is Frost trying to show that we can’t really know exactly how things happened with our world. There isn’t enough evidence left by either evolutionary processes or by God to definitely and unquestionably prove that one is true and the other is not.

There was one time and only the one/ When dust really took in the sun;”    Lines 5-6

This section is playing on how the sun is looked upon as a symbol life and life-giving in the story of creation and evolution. This story seems to be somewhat related to the bible passage below, but it seems that this line is talking more about the evolutionary concept of the single spark of life that started all of evolution. This is the small little spark that started everything that has now developed into the world around us.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

                                                                        Genesis 2:7

            “And from that one intake of fire/ All creatures still suspire.” Lines 7-8

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