Eyes of Wonder within the Clouds.

My eyes often wondered

They seemed to yonder

A passing hour

Clouds looking like flour

A touch of cotton

Vapor on high

A relief from my sigh

Clouds as a moving symphony

Seeing life as no enemy

A place gone in the far

A scene from on high

My heart and eyes beaming at the skies

The story of my mind

The clouds of behold

It’s my eyes within my own told

The clouds in my midst

As darkness falls within the clouds

A little rain falls

It’s the rain that cleanses

It’s the clouds that erase

The earth that turns

The soul of the urn

The thought of the distance

The captivation in the instance

What matters most?

It affects the coast

The thought of clouds

My mind on hope of tomorrow

My soul within the sorrow

Through it all

The clouds of the call

The mountains that stand tall

The look of clouds in white

In the comfort zone of my might.

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