I really just write what comes to mind, so not EVERYTHING necessarily has a purpose behind it other than for my reader’s amusement.

 No one can 

Save me anymore

I lie defeated 

On the floor

I know I stand

In sight of Death

But it seems

We’ve both run out of breath

You’re dying

I’m lying

You’re honestly

Just trying

To set the world

Ablaze of madness

But deep inside

You’re raising sadness

Who in Hell

Do you think you are?

You’re as calm

As a dying star

I’m not much

But in our last crusades

My own felled

Your thousand blades

And now you’re

Nothing anymore

Just The Reaper’s

Dolled-up little whore

Former queen of 

Burning death

How’s it feel

To gasp for breath?

Though cruel

Us of dark are still respected

But of course

Fitting ends are still expected

And here we lie

Bleeding on the floor

Waiting; fading

To dust and nothing more

Liked it
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