Black men are often depicted as a powerful figure and a great lover. From conversations with my female friends, I heard a black man could make love again and again. Although just a chat, affect my attitude. In my heart I promise not make a date with black men.

But the fact I married one of them. Actually what made ​​me change my mind. Black man is human. Most of them have a nice body and muscle. I always assumed that the shape of their bodies is a masterpiece of the Almighty. There is a perception of me with the body and physique like that they definitely have a rough temperament. But I am wrong.Maybe It’s just a coincidence or I’m in love. But the black man who I know is so soft. Polite and attentive. The attitude and the way he expressed a love like most men of France.Besides, he also was so clever to appreciate their partner. It seems there is no need to worry about than my choice of a black man. Love is universal. Knows no skin color, degree, rank and distance.
My advice if you’re in love. 
Just follow your heart.

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  • Guy Hogan on Apr 11, 2011

    A good man is a good man no matter his skin color. The same goes for a bad man.

  • ML on Nov 1, 2011

    I also know that they can be your best friends without asking anything from….And I am lucky to have one friend like that. When I am sad he is sad.

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