Why do I chase angels, I can’t fly, I know I’m going to Hell, and I truly like being a sick sadistic animal, okay a Bipolar masochist depraved pervert whatever. Feather Betters… I am so not a nice guy wanting an angel to strip off her wings just for me.

Feather better
A letter
Perhaps a tether
My quill
Hi I’m Will
Do you feel?
Is it enough?

After cupid’s arrow
Felled this fellow
Before I even said Hello
Cross my heart
Not to smart
Will it break apart?
I’m needing
And believing

You’ll be here
That you might feel
Dear oh dear
Your heart to win
We might begin
Body sins
As I said
Maybe you read
Falling to bed

In love
Never too much
You’re not a dove
But my world
Are you sure?
Do you want to be my girl?
Because they grow back never
Feather Betters

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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