A simple love story that’s a bit cliche.

There was this girl so insecure

Thinking she is ugly, not beautiful

Then there came a boy, who told her the truth

That she is pretty, chubby and cute

Such simple words, the girl fell in love

With the boy who thought she will be loved.

Whenever he passes, she is motionless

Whenever he talks to her, she is speechless

She became curious about this development

The thumping of her heart that she cannot prevent

The girl told her friends about this abnormality,

She asked them, “what is happening to me?’

They all said, “It’s love, certainly!”

She was surprised; it all came to her suddenly.

The girl always avoided this feeling.

She fell into him, without herself knowing

She grew aware and deliberately avoided,

The boy that got her intimidated.

The boy wondered why he is ignored

By the girl he secretly adored,

So he went and asked the question,

What is the cause of this suspicious motion?

February 20, that was the day

The girl thought, “Come what may.”

She told her feelings to the boy she admires

How she loves him, how she secretly desires.

The boy was shocked, couldn’t say a word.

The girl was disappointed for the boy was quiet

She thought that to him, she is but a classmate

As time passed, their love has become mutual

Their feelings for each other are rather special

And in time, they had declared,

That their love can never be compared.

But as they grew closer, they grew apart

They doubted their love, their heart

Then they graduated, their trust broke down

Their development deliberately slowed down.

They thought about one another,

“What if she fell with someone better?”

“What if he finds someone prettier?”

February 20, that was the day, they thought it was over.

It was long before they saw each other.

Then they had a get-together five years later

The moment the boy saw the girl,

He grabbed her, then knelt and held her hand.

The girl asked, “Why are you kneeling?”

“Will you marry me?” He said smiling.

“Can you be with me for all eternity?”

Tears flowed down her face, she said “Yes, undoubtedly”

The girl cried for she was happy,

They looked at each other, it’s February 20.

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