The admirable characteristics of a Filipino youth. Who wouldn’t like to be young again?

Grey imperceptible dawn that precipitates morning:
The wet foggy mountain sides and misty hilltops,
The sparkling dew on the grass, wild vegetation of life.
The virgin morning, the seedtime of life;
The fresh immaculate clouds, the dazzling sun,
The cool silvery moon upon we stare with fascination.
The vigorous winds, the falling rains,
The cascading flow of newly found rivers.

Ibrahim Jubaira paints a hopeful drawing of youth;
Jose P. Laurel asserts the youth’s role as future leaders;
Such tremendous pressure for the budding adults.
We need guidance, training, orientation;
We have to connect the experience of the past
The harsh realities of the present
To the foreseeable needs of the future
For us to be prepared to take over in the right time.

The rise of population to 84 million
Leads to economic imbalance
As production outdistances consumption.
Increasing need for social housing as rural workers
Migrate to the cities to search for urban jobs;
Congestion problems bring outbreak of diseases:
Health and sanitation, drainage and sewerage,
Pollution in land, air and water has become critical.

The State of the Philippine Population reports
Yearly health issues and concerns of the Filipino youth:
Unmet need for family planning
As population control is ignored by many couples;
Adolescent health, sexuality and fertility,
Premarital sex, teen-age pregnancy cases on the rise;
Urbanization and local governance
We must vow to continue to help forge greater unity.

In the midst of confusion, the Filipino youth are called upon
To take vigilant and militant attitude towards public questions;
To contribute in their own way to a vigorous
And courageous public opinion.
We claim our right to self-expression and self direction.
We are here to fight for constructive and robust nationalism,
A nationalism that is synonymous to patriotism.
We strive to strengthen, vitalize ourselves with faith, vision and hope.

We reiterate our call for parents, teachers, officials:
The herculian task awaits the Filipino youth!
Hear our voice, heed our call -
Let not the EDSA Revolution be wasted completely.
We need your counsel and guidance,
Especially your examples of honesty and virtue.
Hail to the loyal, intelligent, courageous Filipino citizens!

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