A Story in a poetry format. A Story poem.

It slumbers beneath the rolling stream
Dreaming of your screams
Your running blood

When looked for it can not be seen
But he, knows you are coming
It’s skin is as iron

Its teeth are a bit shy of thirteen inch nails
Its tail is razor sharp, along the spaded end
When confronted by him, you may start

Sobbing or find the religion that you thought, you may have had
If you give it your all, boy
You may be successful in your quest, your test

They have spied him down by the lake
Some; they call him, a “Fire Drake”
When you have awakened him

It is fire that you’ll be seeing
The heat and stench, of
Its breath

Start your fleeing son
Run as fast as you can
Unless it is fame and fortune, that

You are seeking, or if it is
Only for the glory lad
Be careful, for what you wish for

Battling this winged giant
Could cost you your very life
And the villagers theirs as well!

But, by defeating him, you can spare
Someone theirs, even if
The King has sentenced them, himself

Yes son, this is the law
You must slay him
Put it down before, the sun rises

To the full of noon, the day after
You, proclaim, to do this deed
No, son Fire Drakes never run!

But, would be knights have taken flight
These Knights; must now run forever
Or the thing shall find them

And dispatch of them
For he now carries their scent
Tis no easy task lad, it may be

Your last, but do as you must 
To save her, your wife
Remember son when you slay him

If you slay him
Be sure to cut of its head
Tis the only way to be sure it is dead

You must place it on the floor, before
The King, as proof
To the battle won

No son; the King will not deny your wish
He will release your young wife
Just be sure to place, its head

Snout facing the King
And then rest but, one
Foot upon it

Why? You ask
Then he; will know you, to be
A true, Dragon Slayer

A thought by Sinbad The Sailor Man

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