Haiku – reflection.

When the flame had gone
We searched across empty fields
Sadly wandering

Liked it
  • Jswana on Aug 6, 2012

    Glad to see a new beautiful one. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Stessily on Aug 6, 2012

    Martin, Perhaps it’s because I’ve been immersed in prehistory lately, but as I read this perceptive haiku, I thought of ancient peoples struggling to understand the natural world and wondering about the sun and where “the flame had gone”.
    Appreciatively, Stessily

  • avissado on Aug 6, 2012

    it made me pause…and think!

  • Jessica Louise on Aug 6, 2012

    Wonderful. : )

  • lauralu on Aug 6, 2012

    Lost love sad

  • Sustainable Living on Aug 6, 2012

    So deep!

  • TiyenCortez on Aug 6, 2012

    like the title most..

  • smokychristine on Aug 7, 2012

    Really good haiku.

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