A buried love that suddenly came alive by crawling out into forms of hallucinations, exploding like a bomb in the writer’s face. This is a sequel to Flying Thorns by Hena Anne13 a.k.a. Mary Samantha Byrd, which she continued to write about and make several parts of a rose as the titles, for the rose best describes how she felt towards the love that never died in her very heart in a span of six years.

Flying Petals


The night seems to glimmer with your smile

As I walked this path towards the past

The stories written from head to toe

Warmth that radiated from your touching gaze

Strange how I almost saw pity reflected there

I began throwing all cautions in the wind

Not caring about what people might think

I bathed myself in your bright light

Until this very day it seems to linger in me

Like a message passed between our fingers

I wish you can accept my apology

I’m very sorry I took you for granted

Not using empathy while I judged you

It made me see the petals you’ve left behind

I must try my best to gather each piece

To be able to build a growing bond again

Or perhaps to make things right somehow

One day I know I have to let these fly.

Written last July 31, 2012

By: Lime13

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