Occupation Wall Street.

the sky is the limit

a quiet storm

the meteorologist did not see this coming

the weatherman did not include this in the forecast

totally off guard

if you want to explore

the reasons



symptoms and answers


look no further

to see how we are supposed to be heard

to experience how we express


indifference some simply gave up

apathetic others would rather not be counted

but push us up against the wall

we’ll push up against that wall

not as a means by which we would escape

but that the ceiling would collapse

the walls would cave in on you


do you know your own strength

can you deal with these artificial limitations

i threw the first stone

a glass house is useless to me anyway

no privacy for what i prefer to hide in plain sight

you underestimate our strength

attempt to censor the tools

lock down everything

turn off something

perhaps the people will shut up

and perhaps the people will go away

no one is paying us

here with our own money

making a true sacrifice

no commercial interests

grassroots; not the underground

because the underground is a function of the mainstream

you cannot manufacture this counterculture

you cannot sell it in the stores

you cannot rape our ears

you cannot sodomize our eyes

this is the real thing

we will be heard

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