I wrote this poem about my ex-wife and myself, how I traveled to Scotland to bring her and her daughters home with me, and prior to that the care packages, and love and worries I was sending her daily in the mail and, money and worries I was sending and receiving from our government to get them home to me. I finally when I got them home to me, my wife who I fought for, went in debt for, wept for, she committed adultery on me.

I have traveled over a thousand miles

I have been greeted by both hugs and smiles

I have traveled over oceans and lands

Just to reach my destination and to hold her hands,

I have been by myself and all alone

I have cried to myself and I did moan

Many afflictions to me did occur

But I did it for me, but mostly for her,

I have been pushed against the wall and I fought

I would win the battle that I had sought

To any situation I believed I will never accept no

So I fought that much longer and forward I did go,

I have worked my fingers down to the bone

I earned what I had and nearly lost what I did own

But from all of these factors I did not deter

As I did it for me, but mostly for her,

I have fought for love, but then sadly I lost

My pain and my sadness was the ultimate cost

I journeyed for love, but that idea went bust

While I was looking for love, she was seeking lust

I have given all I had I had nothing more to give

Except for the air that I breath and the life that I live

I wanted us to be one, but then I thought that we were

As I did it for me, but I did it mostly for her.


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  • septana on Aug 14, 2012

    article very good and the writing that gives knowledge.

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