Hey people just a bubbly short little poem I wrote up a while back that forgot to publish and did bit of work on lately, I wrote this poem up as I feel out of some people I know who Im close with that are foreign show many different sides too you them, I think they can make us feel more wanted showing they care and much more! Happy reading! Enjoy!

Foreign Chicks they fill

your heart with Flicks

There I am at home, staring down into my phone as I feel

this shiver down each and every other bone, lying here

just thinking about how I longer feel alone when your

around me for you seem to be everywhere I turn! A girl

like you I’d like to earn, theirs so much I could pick up

and learn, all this sure does make me feel such a sweet

burn, each beat full of a warm heat that will increase

for when we meet, all this being a release from everything

in the past. I hope this is a start to something that I want to

make last without the time going too fast, there we are out

together having a blast! Wanting to fill you up with surprise

as you look up into my eyes, watching the sun rise, never

would I tell you any lies! I’d be there for any cries full of

bad sighs…


Liked it
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