It is about how I feel towards Xenophobia by people of SA and a word of advise to Africans.

The mind plays around with the notion,

Manipulating it to fit the heart’s perception,

Twisting and turning thoughts to evoke emotion,

Identifying ‘ideal issues’ that call for action,

The world is a global village; Africa forms a part of it,

the Dark Continent they say, but I like to think of it as the backbone of the village,

Cradle of mankind, we homed the early man,

We should similarly home each other as Africans

One for all, God is there for the world,

All for one, we are our brother’s keepers,

A father’s pain, a mother’s distress,

A brother’s struggle, shouldn’t ever go unnoticed

Taking back what’s ‘yours’ though it evidently is not,

Stirs up an absurd impression of your character,

Individual independence makes a being, who they really are,

Never lose it to a scumbag who sees not the world as you do

Help me help you help those around you,

Give love get love; give hate get more love,

Emancipating your brothers and sisters leaves you no better off,

Animosity nullifies the true meaning of Ubuntu

Live Love life, see not what is yours, but what is ours,

Unite to strengthen Africa and in doing so, a good example

Is portrayed to all the World of a nation that can do better

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