This is a poem that describes the brilliance of a kiss and why it is something that is usually unforgettable. It describes a couple who loses reality to a kiss, but they are saying good bye for a short time. Poems are what you make of them and what that person gets from the it.

The breeze reflects off the radiant sun

Gasping for hair to strand its way

Dancing around until the deed is done

Golden locks have been found for prey

A beautiful choice, for so great a service

Bound by light she agrees the task

A potent perfume makes him nervous

Indeed the smell has begun to mask

 All senses lost to this great moment

A drop of breathe to eternal love

A pause for a fortunate atonement

Has caused a tear sent from above

Blinded by the youth of beauty

He states his intention in this case

Troubled by what is his duty

He turns away and makes for haste

Walking in the wrong direction

She turns around with all regret

The name she calls grabs attention

Something he might never forget

 The pace in his stride has changed the course

One and only time to make known

Care for each other with no remorse

Their love, their flower has been finally sewn

Dream she sees has all, but come true

The rush in his eyes makes everything bliss

Everything’s almost, as if it were new

Forgotten pause for a brilliant kiss

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