A little poem about my marching band career in high school.

Land of Make Believe
It’s where I met my best friend
In that magical land
I was her lost puppy
And she was my guardian angel
Everything was good
I had found my hope
My first season should have been my last

Wicked Part 1
The new kids
Taller than skyscrapers
Frightening kids they were
Smirks that could kill
Words that could crush
They may have been younger
But they knew how to control
There was no safety
There was no sanity
The chewed you up and spit you out
They had no mercy
What a season that was

A Train
Lucky for me I was the big kid
I had more power than the pope
Or at least so I thought
Confidence was streaming through me
I was unstoppable
Maybe a little too power hungry
I barked orders left and right
They listened!
That is, until that day
They ripped my heart out
They stomped all over it
My dream was a failure
And so was that season

Eleanor Rigby
The final season
Still in charge but just as powerless
Every obstacle thrown my way
Endless amounts of tears
There was no hope
And that’s how it ended
It was all gone
I lost my love, I failed myself
Four seasons was enough

Liked it
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