A simple poem I wrote reflecting back upon my hometown.

Rolling green pastures blanket

The summer air of corn and cow

In the distance a silo

Next to its sister the red barn

Downtown within the circle

The very heart of the town

Sprinkle eternally a fountain

Green with the age of copper

Long ago before the peace of the valley

A great fire blazed

Set by those from below

Marching east to meet their demise

In Gettysburg be their final cries

And years later the valley would stand

Shapen by the civil war

Now echoing the years past

With shouts of cement and bronze

And plaques of years gone by

The rail no longer is needed

For cars now dominate

Instead of markets as there where a decade ago

Wal-mart is the new reliance

Things are becoming less simple

Or more depending on your view

The modern influences of Pittsburgh

Are flowing through the mountains

And taking residence in a land of history

Liked it
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