A beautifully made Christmas card requires a special message. Here are number of verses which might be useful.

You will want some words to put in your homemade cards, here are a few you might like to use with my compliments.

A country occupied by Rome
A teenage mother far from home,
A manger where a baby lay
In Bethlehem on Christmas Day.
God’s purposes unhindered then
By circumstance or wicked men.
And so we have a special date
To feast and sing and celebrate;
For those who love Him know so well
That He is their Emmanuel.
When hopes arise or prospects fall
Our “God is with us” through them all.
Each day, each year He is the same
Emmanuel in deed and name.

At Christmas time we celebrate
The Christ Child who was born
To live a life of purity
But die a death of scorn.
The love of God personified
Was lying in the hay -
And that is why we celebrate
And sing on Christmas Day.

A prince born in a stable,
A comet blazing bright,
Three wise men with costly gifts,
An angel choir at night.
So God restores His Kingdom,
His Prince has shown the way.
He’s the Truth that gives men Life,
Thank God for Christmas Day.

This is the way Christmas should be -
Candles and logfires and lights on the tree;
Mystery parcels piled on the floor,
Snow softly falling with promise of more.
Children excited – young spirits high,
Old folk recalling a Christmas gone by.
Red breasted robin perched on a tree -
This is the way Christmas should be.

A candle’s softly flickering light,
The tree with decorations bright,
Presents piled and waiting there
Bought with love and wrapped with care.
May all your Christmas celebrations
Exceed your greatest expectations.

Liked it
  • Jo Bingham on Nov 12, 2008

    Those were awesome words and what a great idea for making christmas cards with a personal touch. Thanks for the early gift!

  • R J Grant on Nov 12, 2008

    Great verses. Thanks for the Christmas Gift.


  • Joie Schmidt on Nov 13, 2008

    Such a lovely compilation of poems!



    -Liane Schmidt.

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