Haiku, unlike free verse, is noted for its brevity, unless you write a series of it in one column reaching 200 words or more. Write then a haiku sublime, as I do one here in the opening lines. But let the rest of the lines be as coming from your deepest terrain of your heart, unrestrained by meter or rhyme, and like haiku, by the number of syllables.

My Haiku:

Lovely, poet confined,
the contest is over, free
verse wins over haiku.

So begins verse free, hi
Haiku, in syllables do I
grope for a stroke.

Meter, rhythm, don’t
choke me in suppression,
my mind in total freedom.

I will recite, instead, in
total parables, you and
they in total darkness.

Later paradigms is my
thoughts, in images, give
you dreams in color.

Count my enunciation
in dots and numbers, no
haiku is it represented.

Let it be, my speech, writ
from in natural stretch,
like birds sing in the night.

Cleanse me my length of
breath, devoid of romance.
Just spare me the stoppage…

Of free verse, like the breath
I breathe, like the song I sing,
like the imagination of you…

Which I painted my skies with
no interferences from wretched
bums who see blue as red.

June 22, 2012

Liked it
  • momofplenty on Jun 22, 2012

    i prefer free verse and prose. Haiku is constricting and works well in a pinch but free verse is a cinch. :)

  • h20ho on Jun 22, 2012

    Indignant spirals
    whispered inflated wet air
    turbulent sprinkles

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