Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic poem…


A Valentine Poem Special

By: 2tet

Perfect nose of lies

Tantalizing eyes of mice

Ears as elegant as fairy dice

Skin so vibrant to touch by lice

Glowing freckles for a single blush

Hair arrangement overlooked brush

Walked as soldiers in need of rush

Ultimate hardworks of summit’s notch

Indifferent simplicity at its best

To anchor my soaring wisdom’s nest

So ideal to be on topmost love list

Your existence on my endearing mist

Your perfume is a floweful fragrance

Too srong to immune my mind’s ignorance

It evaporates my talents, occupies my spaceful heart

It’s thy beauty, thy glory that conquers my life’s dart

So simple, so enticing to stare

So aloof to court a staging scare

 So kind, so innocent to be loved

So keen and too young for me to rob

Befriended a devoted God’s Christian

Shared thoughts and wisdom about life’s Owedian

Given you everything to extent of Custodian

Will not give up though I’m a crying Commedian

You will always be a Valentine special

So pretty and sweet as angel’s facial

Beak and toosing Lips so crucial

Admirable as if world’s finest crystal

Liked it
  • drelayaraja on Feb 6, 2010

    Sooo… romantic.. Happy valentines in advance.

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