A pal is one
With whom you can accept fun
Who’ll accept to you and talk
With whom you can allotment a joke.

One you can alcohol with And who with you will dine One with whom all will attending rosy All appealing and all fine…

But if comes adversity You’ll hardly acquisition him by your side And even if break does he, Not continued will he abide.

A accurate acquaintance is one With whom you can talk ’bout all beneath the sun With whom you can beam and joke Drink, banquet and accept fun

And who to you will accommodatea ear With him all will be Okey doke’. Then, if accident knocks…

You’ll acquisition him by your side Always.

You he’ll never leave But try best to you guide When you sigh, he’ll too heave When you abort to succeed

He’ll try to accompany to fruition Your deed When you abatement sick He’ll accompany relief When the accomplished apple mocks,

He’ll angle by your belief If all abroad the added way looks He’ll allotment your grief Even if abuse befalls ye

He’ll angle in its way And will not alternate even a bit To endanger his life, to lay down it.

And prove that a acquaintance inneed Is a acquaintance indeed!

Such a acquaintance is harder toappear by Who’ll beam with you, with you who’ll cry So if anytime one you get,

Try to be aces of your mate And see that never break the bond That you with him ties fond.

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