Here’s a short poetry for you.

Friendship is powerful

How can the people

With such affection

With such intensity

Remain friends?

It’s through the power of love and trust.

They need not be friends, after all.

They’re meant to be together.

They’re not meant to part.

They know it in their hearts.

That’s why despite the pain,

Despite the loneliness,

They thrive

For they know

That’s how life is.

There will always be

Adversities, struggles, obstacles.

That’s part of life.

We’re not always on top.

We’re not always on the bottom.

We’re a part of human nature

Where at times we’re up

And sometimes we’re down.

How long? Nobody knows.

God’s will shall prevail.

If it’s not the right time yet,

Then it’s not.

However, if it’s the real thing,

Time is nothing,

Distance is nothing,

For through those

Our love is tested.

Let’s both be strong

While it lasts.

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