The one place you don’t want to be in.

Entering those double doors of the tall building
Tumble weed plants crowding the front yards
Depressing look really giving you goosebumps, very frightening
Walls inside covered with blood smeered darts

Tears running down your face not wanting to be here
Clutching your bags knowing this is your new home
Screams, cries, and yelling is all you hear
It’s like a giant depression dome

Every person you see dressed the same, grey clothing
No emotion shown on their faces as you walk by
Mysterious blood stains on the wall, not daring to do wondering
Your room plain like a foster kids’ room, wishing none of this was mine

Dropping your bags from fright as your ‘neighbor’ surprises you
Bright blue eyes covered with dark dark eye liner
Smiling evily at you, unsure what to do but back away, nothing you can do
Deep inside, wishing this was a nightmare but brighter

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