Processing some new understandings of Jesus’ discourse in Matthew.

Though I fear You, I will not be afraid
Though they hear You, cities will be destroyed
I can stand rejected
On a surface level
While my soul breathes You forever.

Though I won’t know all, I will grow in knowledge still.
Though Your Kingdom proclaimed, those resistant will kill.
You plot the course of shame
A narrow path to follow
persecutions to face, a tough calling to swallow.

Though I spread Your message, my rejection may remain.
Though Israel studies – they mock, spit, throw rocks and blame 
You for being a fake the devil, 
Your Church community – a cult – they persist.
You came, sword in hand, knowing the evil we must resist.

Though I am human, I can relate to You.
Though they are religious, understandings are few.
Blinded by power in knowledge,
they are left searching without ears.
Never knowing, Your Kingdom has been inaugurated for many years.

Though Your Kingdom will yet still fully come, I cannot comprehend -
why You chose me to have the hope of this reward, now til the end?

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