For the ignorant people who don’t care for their countries history and take things for granted. They don’t acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices made for their freedom and luxurious living. They think they’re the centre of attention and when they die people will mourn like no other when really they’re the nobody and the treasured hearts of the nation will live forever.

Standing aloft on your horse

Sword to the sky

Oh, how much I’d love to bring you down to Earth

Call me a hypocrite and I’ll agree with you profusely

I am no one but so are you

The past, the present and the future all hold an answer

So turn your head and appreciate the path that was made for you

Ignorant fool

Turn you head

I know that when I die there’ll be little to shed a tear at

There’ll be people ready to take my place

But I promise you you’re on the same carriage

You’re a nobody

Living off the greed of a nation

Taking countless of goods for granted

I live in the face of those who are blanked out by arrogance

I’m standing my ground

Unwilling to change for those around me

Times moving too fast and I can’t keep up

Maybe I should become a ignorant bastard and follow the tide of the future

I can’t get left behind

The heart of mine is getting betrayed by the very one that made it

I’m no martyr, no prophet

But I sure will look down to the dirty ground

I know that the bones touching the soil beneath my feet are those of greats

You’ll never be in the same league

So get back on your high horse and fuck off.

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