War seperates the boys from the men. It can also seperate us from a couple of limbs.

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  Woke up this morning and put on my  hair.

Put in my hearing aide so I could hear.

Put in a contact in my good eye.

Put on my legs so I could drive.

No I’m not old , only twenty one.

This is just a demonstration of what war has done.

 Pardon me if I seem to stare,

that’s my glass eye, it goes every where.

I’d like to drink a cup of coffee with you

but my hands shake so bad I might spill it too.

Please let my phone ring longer then most,

with these artificial hands it hard to get these phones to close.

I’m alright , no doubt others have had it worse.

Some are glad to be back alive while others feel it’s a curse……

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  • Ruby Hawk on Jul 17, 2011

    Wars are horrendous, We’re so lucky our boys all came back without any injurys, that you can see anyway. If I had my way there would never be another war.

  • Christine Ramsay on Jul 17, 2011

    Wow! That poem really makes you sit up and take notice. Our young men are so brave. A very poignant piece.

  • Neva Flores on Jul 19, 2011

    excellent work Paul!

  • dino renaldo on Jul 19, 2011

    nice share.thanks

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