Can the Obama administration really be better than the Bush administration?

Enemies of the State – Traitors of our Nation,
Can it be that the State itself has become traitorous,
Defiant to the brave, bold ideals of Democracy
Set into motion through acts of Colonial Terrorism?
The noble ideals of our Forefathers are hereticized
By an increasingly tyrannical political machine.
The mewling infant cries of this New World Order
Resurrecting the philosophies and nightmares of the 3rd Reich
Subcutaneous G.P.S. chips and National I.D. Cards
Become tools of the new broken cross’ masters
Republicans and Democrats, the new Socialist taskmasters,
Screaming for change: “Give up your liberties for freedom!”
While the only threat to the citizens stands on a pulpit before the Stars and Stripes
Preaching that he was “….not born in a manger, but on Krypton.”
With the building of so many F.E.M.A. camps
Scattered across our Nation like Nazi concentration camps
And talks of a Homeland Security Force – a U.S.S.S.
How far can we really be from mass round-ups and executions?
The double and triple tiered prison cars are already on the rails
Ready to transport ‘civil dissidents’ to the camps for imprisonment;
The American populace quickly becoming the
Commies of the Red Scare and the Nazi’s Jews.
Have we truly become the Land of the Feeble and the Home of the Enslaved?
Have we become the Socialist States of the New World Order?
God save the Free!  God save the U.S.A.!

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