This is a true poem Right From My Heart To His.

   The day that we met wasn’t by chance,
   Nor by circumstance,God sent you to me.

   I never dreamed love could come this way,
   It’s just to good to be true,
   For so many years,through so many tears,
   I felt so alone until there was you.

   Now our day has finally come,
   Together now we stand,
   Saying vows,our hearts intwined,
   As we join hand in hand.

   Giving thanks to God this day,
   For all that he has done,
   The way he planned our hearts to meet,
   Now we two are one.


Liked it
  • AmaNNN on Apr 25, 2009

    That was great, honestly I enjoyed reading that piece of poetry.

    Well Done.

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