About a man of God or Pastor.

God’s Messenger, You are.

Commissioned, Strong and faithful.

Willing to do the will of God.

Willing to stand out in a crowd.

Among the many, He called you out.

A vessel of His without any question,

A vessel of His without any doubt.

God’s Messenger, You are.

Voice like thunder strong and deep

Piercing the soul, of a hard to reach.

And from your lips, His words are spoken

And in your heart, His will be done.

Not just your words that bring salvation,

But the life you live must be well done

God’s Messenger, You are.

He will guide you safely through,

Where your footsteps trod

On your feet, walk straight and narrow.

The crooked paths are very long.

Only there to make you strong.

Many hills and valleys crossed,

Many rugged storms to pass,

Before you reach the Mountain’s top.

God’s Messenger, you are.

You bare an amour and a shield

As you fight against all foe.

 Just to share His word of Hope

To make His wishes known

Just to let the people know

God’s Love for them can make them whole.

God’s Love for them is very strong.

God’s Messenger, You are.

Just to be God’s messenger,

To know you are not alone

Faith and courage are your strong towers.

Your foundation is His Love.

Compassion and Grace abide

With His words hide deep inside,

 Just to know that you are chosen,

 Just to know He is at your side,

Never alone on this pilgrim Journey

Never lost along the trail.

God’s Messenger, You are.

The message you’d delivered is not just words alone.

Not just to tell others but to lead them safely home.

God’s message for the Messenger,

When his work was done,

You did what I have told you.

You brought my children home.

Precious Souls Delivered

Back to the hands of God.

A crown you will wear in my Kingdom

To the Messenger from God.

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