She couldn’t understand God’s words…

She was tired of reading

from the Bible,

she understood

that it was the Good Book,

but she just couldn’t take

another look,

she never felt,

God’s words,

all hope would seem to melt,

sitting alone,

releasing a sigh, a moan,

with so much pain inside,

she would groan,

but the pain would stay,

and she would no longer pray,

although she wanted so much to feel

God’s words,

as classical music twittered,

like birds,

hope was slim,

as fourth stage stood tall,

and hope grew dim,

as fear and death would call,

suddenly she understood,

and what she heard,

was good,

comfort, love,

was God’s word.

Liked it
  • Lance-up on Jul 20, 2012

    this was different i liked it man :)

  • yes me on Dec 16, 2012

    Liked this one too Frank cheers

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