This is a small set of rap lyrics that I wrote. It is very in your face real, and its raw. It is about strength and overcoming the odds. Its about survival and never letting the bad things get you down.

Okay, check my life is the real deal, just a little girl forced to grow up in a hard cold world. Look at me, you wouldn’t see, but the truth be, there’s chaos inside of me. Memories haunt my dreams, things that should never be. Yeah that shit happened to me, but I’m still here, staying strong, moving on, learning how to right the wrongs, no one ever said it’d be this hard.

Another day passing by, the storms ahead, but I’m steady calm. Grew up in a tough town, where everyone be trying to knock you down. Gotta be strong to get by and survive. Don’t trust many, specially when I’ve been done wrong by family. Lesson learned, just move on. Just remember its okay to want to love, even with a life so rough.

I never had no money, nothing much to get by. Yeah they used to laugh at me but sonner then they know, they’ll be yelling at me, wishing we were best friends, so they can try to claim my game. Gonna blow shit up, all I need is one chance to shine, this is my life, bout to make this world mine. People will be screaming my name, as I’m walking the road paved by fame.

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